Child's reaction to petting dog will leave you in stitches

What did he call those?


BOERNE, Texas – A Texas man just getting a quick video of his nephew happened to capture a moment that has left everyone laughing.

Boerne resident Eric Mendrysa was getting video of his nephew, Kolt, when the 5-year-old said exactly what came his mind.

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The video shows Kolt petting Fergie the French bulldog, when out of nowhere he comments on what he does not realize are the dog’s nipples.

“She has like a 100 penises,” he said.

The video has been viewed more than 2,700 times on Mendrysa’s personal Facebook page.

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And the comments are what  you would expect.

“OMG! (I) needed this today! Cant stop laughing!” Danielle Schreiber-Moore said.

“I have made everyone in our family watch and we have laughed out booties off! This is perfect!” Heather Williams Van Hooser said.