Texas State professor roasts former student not knowing she's in the same classroom

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SAN MARCOS – A Texas State University student was over her class in secondary education before it even started.

When Carolyn White, a junior at Texas State, attended the first day of her Secondary Teaching: Curriculum and Technology class, her professor Paul Mencke went through the syllabus with students, but stopped to capitalize on his attendance policy.

Mencke projected a screenshot of an email from "Jane Jones," a former student who had a less-than-spotless attendance record and had finished the class with a 79.66. "Jane Jones" asked the professor if there was anything she could do to bump her score up to a B.

White, who had Mencke last year for a different class, noticed the email sounded a little familiar. That's because it was her email -- Mencke had just changed names.

*WARNING: Foul language used in the tweet below*

White snapped a photo of the email and tweeted it on Thursday with a caption that read "Day 1 of class. Has same teacher as last semester. Teacher uses students email to show class he didn’t bump a grade. A small cry is heard in the classroom. It’s me. Thats my email. I’m dropping out."

White added a photo of her original email to the professor.

The tweet garnered more than 24,000 likes less than 24 hours after it was posted.

Many commended the professor for not using her real name.

Others sympathized with the embarrassed student. One person replied, "yup...just gotta call it a day at that point."

Another called White out for her attendance record being 35/50. 

According to a syllabus for Mencke's class, Mencke will only consider a .5 percent grade change if a student has had perfect attendance. 

"Your perspective is important in this class; therefore, attendance is an essential component of
this course," Mencke's syllabus for the class said. "Ten times throughout the semester attendance will be taken to give you 5 points credit each time for being in class and sharing your perspective. Final grade change of 0.5 percent will only be considered if the student has 50/50 attendance points."  

Some suggested she should get an automatic A in the class after the embarrassing roast.