GE Appliances looking to hire grandma part-time for $50K

By Mariah Medina - Digital Journalist

The "Great American Grandma" search is on.

GE Appliances is searching for a grandma to showcase just how easy it is to use their new, high-tech appliances.

The one-year gig will require between 10 and 15 hours of work a month and comes with a $50,000 salary, as well as five brand-new, top-of-the-line kitchen products.

According to the job posting, the position entails "plenty of smiles, laughs, selfies, videos and social media."

Those seeking to nominate themselves or a grandma they know can submit an application online.

In order to be considered, the person has to post a video to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram (make sure the video is public!) explaining why they, or their nominee, deserves the gig. 

Nominations will be accepted through March 15.

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