Valentine's Day

Florist shares top 10 things not to do for Valentine's Day

Is this list too harsh?

By Erica Hernandez - Digital Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - Valentine's Day is this week, and one florist from North Carolina has released a list of things not to do this year. 

Tina Enyart, owner of Sweet T flower shop, says this list is especially intended for procrastinators. 

Here's the list and why Enyart believes these are no-no's:

10. Cheap wine - “MD2020 and Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill are not prescriptions for Valentine’s Day,” Enyart said.

9. Teddy bears - “We’re grown women, when was the last time you saw a grown woman holding a teddy bear?” Enyart asked. 

8. Balloons - “This is under the same umbrella as teddy bears. Seriously, what am I going to do with a mylar collection of balloons?" Enyart asked.

7. Four-foot cards - “Just WOW. First, you went to Dollar Tree and second, what do you do with a four-foot card," Enyart said.

6. Pharmacy chocolate - “If your chocolate needs a map or an identifier in a heart-shaped box, you’re dead in the water," Enyart said.

5. Heart-shaped jewelry - "If you went to Jared’s, your next stop is the dog house. We don’t wear it or want it." Enyart said. 

4. Homemade coupon books - "If I need a coupon to get a foot massage or help with the dishes, I’m with the wrong person," Enyart said.

3. Romantic dinner at home - "We want to dress up and go out; don’t cook at home or take me to a sports bar," Enyart said. 

2. Dozen red roses - “Save those for grandma. It’s completely overdone and another easy out," Enyart said.

1. Don't half-heart the holiday - "Let me be clear with the obvious: Valentine’s Day is not a surprise. You’ve had a year to plan for this," Enyart said.

Is this list too harsh? Enyart seems to have high expectations for the day.

Do you ladies agree?

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