Man pulled from flooded Leon Creek

Fire rescue crews use boat to reach victim

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio rescue crews on Sunday afternoon pulled a 29-year-old man safely from the high waters of Leon Creek.

Fire Department spokeswoman Deborah Foster said witnesses saw the man standing near an embankment near Levi Strauss Park around 3 p.m., when he fell into the creek.

When rescue crews arrived, they could hear the man yelling, but could not see him as they scrambled to get two boats in the water, Foster said.

A San Antonio Police Department helicopter flew over the creek and spotted the man as he hung onto trees and debris.

Foster said the man then started drifting downstream, and firefighters were able to reach him as he went toward the Highway 90 West access road.

"When we got to him, we were able to pull in a boat and get to him as he was clinging onto some trees that were in the river," Foster said. "He did let go of those trees every once in a while and float downstream, so it made it just a little harder for us to get him. But I do believe the operations went very speedily once we were able to get that boat in there and pull him into the boat."

Foster said paramedics checked the man out and he appeared to be okay. 

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