Nearly 1,000 people seek refuge from Hurricane Harvey in SA

More evacuees could make way to city shelters

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE: The San Antonio Fire Department is reporting that approximately 960 people are currently at the shelters. Two of the shelters are completely full, while one is still open with plenty of room.

The number of people showing up to the shelters has slowed considerably, officials said.

An additional update will be available later this morning.


Nearly a thousand people, many of them children, are seeking refuge in San Antonio from Hurricane Harvey. Kazen Middle School has been turned into their new home for as long as it’s needed.

Trena Minor got off the bus with a toddler in her arms. Her daughter and husband followed behind with a week’s worth of luggage.

"It was last minute. We were going to wait it out," she said about her decision to leave Corpus Christi.

Minor is worried about other family who stayed behind to wait it out.

"Hopefully, it’s not as bad," she said.

She was greeted at the shelter door by Gov. Greg Abbott. He got a chance to visit with those in the shelter and said many of them are in good spirits.

"There's a big sense of relief knowing they are safe, arriving in a place where they will get some food and some rest," he said. "But there’s a sense of sadness. They left behind homes they fear will not be there when they get back."

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Elmer Griggs left home with nothing in his hands. He decided to leave when things started to turn. 

"When they started talking about the storm being strong, I said, ‘It’s time to go,’” he said.

Kazen Middle School has the capacity to accommodate about 1,000 people. Athens Elementary School, a few miles away, is being prepared to house a few hundred more.

Those arriving in San Antonio for shelter must check-in at the Emergency Operation Center headquarters before heading to the shelter locations. 


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