8-year-old girl feeds Harvey evacuees as they escape floodwaters

Food donated by several restaurants

SAN ANTONIO – A young girl proved that age doesn’t matter when it came to the rescue of hundreds of evacuees near a west Houston subdivision.

Dakota Yarbrough, 8, said it didn’t take much to realize she could be a big help during the massive floods. As dozens of victims were being brought to dry land, she made sure no one was left hungry.

Thanks to donations from several local restaurants, people who were evacuating the Vue Kingsland apartment complex and others nearby had a hot meal when they got out of the rescue boats.

Rescue operations on Tuesday took hours. Volunteers and paid first responders joined forces as the waters kept rising.

A firefighter said the reason the area is going to continue to flood even though the rain has stopped is because it is near the Barker Reservoir, which is still over pouring, bringing more water.

The rising waters didn’t scare Dakota. She put on her rain boots and sprang into action to help feed the volunteers and victims.

“I've never been through this before. We just decided, ‘Why don't we help some people?’ Where we live we’re completely safe, but other people, there's like thousands homeless right now. We need to help,” she said.

Another major concern for Vue Kingsland evacuees is looting. A Texas Department of Public Safety officials said there would be round-the-clock authorities keeping an eye on the area for at least seven to 10 days.


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