People answer call of duty to help neighbors

Houston slammed by more than 2 feet of rain

HOUSTON – Rescue missions here don't always involve first responders or even boats. The people of Houston and good Samaritans are doing what they can when they can.

"The people are so kind. I'm so grateful. They helped me yesterday. They say 'I don't care who it is. We don't care, so just jump in the boat and we'll help,'" one man, who asked to not be identified, said.

He and his dog were brought to safety by kayak. He was trapped on the third floor of this apartment complex.

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"This is really crazy,” he said. “This is my first year here. I wasn't that scared, but my family wanted to go out."

Clarkson Arala also lived in the apartment complex, but on the first floor, which is now inundated with water. He spent his time helping people he’d never met understand just how bad the situation is.

“Any way I can help out, even just educating some people in the fact that they can't get back in there for weeks," Arala said.

He said most of the rescues here have been neighbors helping neighbors or complete strangers doing what they can to make a difference.

"I know different cities have their own vibe and everything like that but I wasn't worried about Houston coming together. That’s kind of what we do,” Arala said. “Whether that’s us helping us out, or helping whenever Katrina happened."

Many of the people who were evacuated said they plan to stay with friends while they figure out how best to carry on with their lives.