Sign from above? Family says crucifix untouched by Hurricane Harvey

Patricia Hatzenbuehler says it's a sign from God

ROCKPORT, TexasHomeowners in Rockport are returning to debris and devastation that Hurricane Harvey left behind.

For one family, who lost almost everything, they said an item that symbolized their faith was not even touched.

Winds of 130-plus mph from the Category 4 storm tore the roof off and ripped the walls apart, however, the family’s cross remained.

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"I took that as a sign. He's here. He's with us. He'll get all of us through it,” Patricia Hatzenbuehler said. “He's always here.”

Hatzenbuehler called it a sign from God.

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When she returned home Wednesday she said she noticed the wall and cross was still intact.

“I went into my room and that's the first thing I noticed, 'Oh my gosh! Jesus stayed on the wall!’ and that whole wall, that one wall, was fine," she said.

Though her home of 23 years was destroyed, she said she find comfort in her faith.


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"We made a lot of memories, thank God, but it's destroyed,” she said.

The family plans to return to their home this weekend to continue the cleanup process.

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