Community works together to rebuild after Harvey

Command center set up to distribute supplies, information

SPRING, Texas – In Spring, Texas, a community is coming together to rebuild its neighborhood.

Residents in the Lakes of Cypress Forest Subdivision are gathering supplies, distributing food and coordinating cleanup efforts after Harvey destroyed many of the homes in their neighborhood.

“We have a map of the whole neighborhood, and we know each house that was underwater and we go door to door to find out their immediate need and we're going from there," Vanessa Sommer said.

Sommer's house has become a command center of sorts.

“We've got sprayers to spray bleach. We've got buckets. We have tarps. We have Pinesol,” Sommer said.

The home is a place for the entire neighborhood to gather.

“They’re emotional. They’re exhausted. They’re hungry, and so coming here, it’s very good because we share ideas, resources, and kind of make a strategy for the next day,” Sommer said.

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Sommer is in charge. She never expected the responsibility, but she has no problem accepting it. She said she’s one of the lucky ones in the neighborhood.

“It came halfway up our street and we were one of the very few that was spared,” she said.

With so many people in need, she has to be efficient with the distribution of the supplies. Even with a coordinated effort, she knows the road to recovery will be long and supplies are very high in demand.

Sommer said any community in the same situation should have a central location to coordinate efforts and pull together every resource.