Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Gov. Abbott launch Rebuild Texas Fund

Goal is to raise over $100 million for recovery from Hurricane Harvey

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SAN ANTONIO – The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation has announced the launch of the Rebuild Texas Fund, with a goal of raising over $100 million for the recovery of areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

The organization said they are working with Governor Greg Abbott in trying to use private contributions to aid the recovery and rebuilding efforts in Texas. 

According to their website, funds accumulated will go to four specific areas: health and housing; schools and child care; workforce and transportation; and capital for rebuilding small businesses.

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation started the fund by donating $18 million as well as launch a matching campaign -- which will kick off Sept. 1 and run through midnight Monday, Sept. 4. During the campaign, the foundation said they will match $1 for every $2 in donations for the first $36 million raised.

Administrative costs are to be covered by either the OneStar Foundation or the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, meaning that 100 percent of donations goes directly towards relief, recovery, and rebuilding.

Early partners include:

  • BazaarVoice Foundation
  • Carly & Clayton Christopher
  • David Robinson and Robinson Family Foundation
  • Gerstner Family Foundation
  • Lorraine Clasquin, Kate Harslem, and Eric Harslem (KLE Foundation)
  • Lyda Hill Foundation
  • Kozmetsky Family Foundation
  • Red McCombs
  • Sooch Foundation
  • Verizon
  • WalMart

"This is our home. And we know that it will take all of us working together, over the long term, to rebuild our Texas communities," said Michael Dell, a Houston native and founder of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, in a press release. "As we announce the launch of the Rebuild Texas Fund, we know it is imperative to rally support from companies, community leaders and individuals to work alongside state and federal officials to provide an additional source of funding and ideas for recovery and rebuilding." 

Text 91999 with the words "RebuildTX" to donate. To learn more about the Rebuild Texas Fund, visit rebuildtx.org.

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