San Antonio *might* see snow Thursday night

Odds getting better as band of snow moves in from Hill Country

(Image via KSAT viewer Ari)
(Image via KSAT viewer Ari)

SAN ANTONIO – As parts of South Texas and the Hill Country danced in snow that fell early Thursday morning, many in San Antonio were left high, but not dry.

The rain continued to fall throughout the day, but the Alamo City missed out on the snow that fell.

There is a chance, however, our odds might change Thursday night. But like with rain, it might once again comedown to the have and have-nots.

As the upper-level low that has brought all the rain continues to move west there is a chance the scattered showers that persist will mix in with snow in San Antonio.

But might and maybe the are key words.

A band of snow has since formed just northwest of San Antonio and is slowing pushing into town with the first confirmed reports of snow falling in the city limits being reported around 5:30 p.m.