KSAT Weather: Cold front today will mean more mountain cedar

Thursday: Mountain cedar values will stay elevated

SAN ANTONIO – A cold front will move through around midday today which will bring in a noticeable northerly breeze. This breeze will transport the mountain cedar from the Hill Country into San Antonio.

Today and Friday will be bad days for those who suffer from mountain cedar.

Even with the cold front sweeping through, today’s weather will be very similar to Wednesday’s. The morning will start out chilly—in the low 40s—and temperatures will be slow to warm as the thick deck of cirrus clouds will remain in place.

Occasional peaks of sun will brighten the afternoon, but the day will remain mostly cloudy again.

Afternoon highs will be in the mid-60s, but with only occasional peaks of sunshine, a light jacket will help to take any chill out of the air. To play it safe, plan on needing the jacket all day.

If you’re thirsty for rain, some decent chances pop into the forecast for Saturday. However, they will be mainly confined to San Antonio and areas to the south and east.