KSAT Weather: Cold start to Thursday, slightly warmer afternoon

Another gloomy day for Thursday, but rain chances are lower

SAN ANTONIO – Wednesday was a tough hump day. It was cold, wet, gray and dreary. But Thursday will change some of that: It will be a tad warmer and not as wet.

Will you need a coat? Yes, but you can leave the umbrella at home.

Thursday will start just as cold, if not colder, than the past few mornings.

By afternoon, though, temperatures will be near 50 degrees. Combined with the cloud cover, this will make for a chilly day, so you’ll still want a coat.

No umbrella will be needed, however, as drier air has moved in, ending most of the drizzle and light rain from Wednesday.

Friday: More clouds

Overall, Friday will be a mostly cloudy day, but a few locations well to the west of San Antonio may squeeze in a ray or two of sun. The thermometer still won't read much higher than it did on Thursday, with highs in the 50s.

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