KSAT Weather: Warm through Saturday; frigid New Year's Eve forecast

Spurts of sunshine through Saturday means warmer start to weekend

SAN ANTONIO – The sun has not made a significant appearance in the San Antonio sky since Christmas morning. For those who are hungry for the sun, Friday and Saturday may hold a few rays of hope.

Could it really be the sun?

Friday morning starts like the past week has gone: dreary. Morning temperatures will be near the 40-degree mark in San Antonio. Some drizzle is possible early but should be gone by late morning.

By afternoon, a sneak peek of sunshine will pop through the clouds for a few folks. Temperatures will respond by jumping to the 50s.

Date night will fare better than most evenings this week, with some gaps in the clouds and a temperature near 50 degrees.

Roller coaster weekend

Soak up the sun on Friday and Saturday, because the clouds, light rain and drizzle will be back by Sunday. The New Year’s Eve forecast looks very cold and possibly damp.

A cold front will come through early on Sunday, meaning that temperatures will fall throughout the day into the 40s around the time that the SA 300 New Year’s Eve Celebration begins.

The thermometer will continue to plunge to the 30s by midnight. Some drizzle will still be around, which could mix in with freezing drizzle depending on how low the temperature goes.

Due to uncertainty in the forecast, check in with your Weather Authority frequently for the latest on the New Year’s Eve forecast.