KSAT Weather: Very cold forecast for New Year's Eve

Warmer Saturday; cold to start 2018

SAN ANTONIO – Don’t be fooled by Saturday’s weather, because Sunday has a lot of changes, courtesy of Jack Frost.

Sunshine stays trapped

As with most of the past week, the clouds refuse to leave. Saturday will be no exception.

If any sun manages to break through, it will be to the west of San Antonio.

The healthy amount of clouds will once again keep temperatures below average — near 60 degrees for Saturday’s high.

Cold New Year’s Eve

An arctic cold front will sweep through South Texas on Sunday morning, which will result in temperatures falling throughout the day. The day will start with temperatures in the 40s and will eventually fall into the 30s by evening.

The wind will also be blowing around 10-20 miles per hour from the north. Combining this with the cold air temperatures yields wind chills in the teens and 20s.

Some freezing drizzle could develop Sunday and last through Monday morning. The chances of this are low and impacts are expected to be minor even if it does happen.

The main concern will be the frigid temperatures to contend with on New Year’s Eve. Jack Frost is showing us no mercy as we start 2018.