KSAT Weather: Another cold day before sun returns

Warmup will continue into weekend


SAN ANTONIO – After not seeing an entire day of sun since before Christmas, Wednesday will turn the tables.

However, before enjoying Wednesday, we have to make it through one more day of clouds and cold.

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Tuesday morning starts off at the coldest point thus far in the cold snap—low 20s. We will rebound in the afternoon, but only into the 30s again.

Clouds will continue to dominate with a late-afternoon peak of sunshine not out of the question for Tuesday.

The coldest temperatures since January of 2017 will occur Wednesday morning. There will be widespread areas of temperatures in the teens.

If you feel like you’ve moved to the northeast, don’t worry. Sun and warmth are coming back.

On Wednesday morning, substantial clearing will occur, and we will actually see a sunrise. The sun will stay out all day, allowing temperatures to reach the 50s even after a bitterly cold morning.

Warming will continue through the weekend, as will the sunshine. By Saturday, clouds will start to move back in, but the temperatures will stay near average, which is in the 60s.


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