Frigid weather leads to icy roads, cars nearly spinning out at I-10 access road

SAPD responds to weather related crashes on NW Side

SAN ANTONIO – People all around San Antonio woke up to freezing conditions, and some drivers headed to work had to overcome dangerously slippery roads.

"We had to direct the officers to physically get out so they could actually direct people to slow down with cars on the road and people coming through and several spinning out, luckily not hitting telephone poles," SAPD Sergeant James Lint said.

The access road at the De Zavala exit at I-10 was covered in a sheet of ice and police think they've narrowed down the cause.

"Sprinkler systems in the area had gone off and with the cold weather it was icing over the road ways and the accidents are a result of that," said Sgt. Lint said.

Police said this could have easily been prevented and they have a message to local businesses.

"Maintain your systems maintain your sprinklers and if they’re no operational don’t have them on during this cold weather but maintenance is key because they could break and ice over roadways," said Sgt. Lint.

De-icing trucks have already hit the road to clear the area, but you should always drive extra safely during the cold months.

"Knowing the road conditions you should drive slower. Your tires are harder and if they make contact with moisture you’re more likely to spin out," Sgt. Lint said.

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