KSAT Weather: Clouds are back temporarily

Clouds, sun will trade punches over coming week

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SAN ANTONIO – It was a relief for many to see the sun on Wednesday, as well as some noticeably warmer air. Continued warming is expected for the coming days; however, clouds will cast a shadow on the weekend.

Another cold morning

Temperatures will fall below freezing again Thursday morning, but partly cloudy skies will allow enough sunshine through to warm us to the mid-40s by lunch.

Gray afternoon

As if Wednesday’s sunshine was too good to be true, it disappears by Thursday afternoon. Clouds move in, keeping the temperature in the 50s for the afternoon.

Thursday's 50s will feel colder than Wednesday’s because of the lack of sunshine.

Friday: Sun returns

The clouds are short-lived. Friday brings more sun and warmer temperatures in the 60s.

Weekend forecast

The back-and-forth nature continues: Clouds return Saturday and last through Sunday. Some drizzle is possible Sunday, but temperatures will remain in the 60s. No more cold blasts are forecast through early next week.