KSAT Weather: Snow next week? Nope, but maybe some freezing rain and sleet

Cold front early in week could lead to frozen precipitation on Tuesday



Rumors about the chance of wintry precipitation next week are already swirling. Some are true; some are false. Here’s a breakdown of what KSAT’s team of meteorologists is expecting.


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Monday night cold front

A cold front will come through San Antonio on Monday night. Current indications suggest that this could cause temperatures to drop to near freezing by sunrise on Tuesday morning.

We are currently forecasting scattered showers throughout the area along with the colder air.

What type of precipitation will we get?

There is high uncertainty as to how the precipitation will interact with the colder air. This particular situation will depend on precise temperatures. If the temperature is slightly warmer than freezing, precipitation will fall as rain. If it is at or below freezing, precipitation will fall as freezing rain or sleet.

Freezing rain looks like regular rain, but it freezes onto whatever it touches. Sleet is small grains of ice falling from the sky.

Because every degree will make a difference in this situation, it is impossible to determine at this moment how the cold and precipitation will interact. The forecast will be fine-tuned as this situation becomes clearer over the weekend.

The bottom line is that you won’t be building a snowman next week because the forecast does not call for snow. This forecast will continue to evolve as we get closer to next Tuesday.

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