KSAT Weather: Wintry mix moves on; cold air stays

Cold weather sticks around through end of week

SAN ANTONIO – After Old Man Winter cast his spell on South Texas on Tuesday, the weather will progressively improve through the rest of the week.

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Wednesday—Bye Bye Ice

While a few school districts did cancel or delay classes for Wednesday, many kids still have school. However, the drive to school will not be worry free and caution on the roads is still advised.

The leftover ice from Tuesday will stay frozen for the start of the day on Wednesday. Morning temperatures start near 20 degrees in the metro area and in the teens in the Hill Country.
The air is very dry which has worked in favor of eliminating some of the ice. A process called “sublimation” has been occurring. When the air is extremely dry, ice (or snow) can evaporate without melting. This has not removed all of the ice however.

To accompany the sublimation, roadways have also been treated. Nevertheless, the threat for patches of ice will still be in place until we get above freezing.

After Lunch Wednesday

We’ll finally surpass the freezing point around lunch on Wednesday which will end the ice threat. There will also be a healthy mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. 

The ice may melt, but the cold will stay. We’ll barely make it to 40 degrees during the afternoon before falling back to freezing within a couple of hours after sunset.

Thursday Through Friday

The cool stretch continues through the end of the week with temperatures in the 40s for Thursday and 50s for Friday. Thursday morning will start well below freezing once again, but ice is not currently expected to be a problem.


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