KSAT Weather: Drizzle and fog with areas of light rain on Saturday

Slight chance of some late-day sun on Saturday

SAN ANTONIO – The drizzly, foggy conditions that moved into much of South Texas on Friday and Saturday will see little change; however, Sunday brings a bit more weekend-friendly weather.

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Saturday‘s gloom

Saturday will not be very conducive to being outdoors, as dreary conditions have clouded the face of San Antonio and most of South Texas.

Temperatures will hang out in the 60s all day, with drizzle and even the chance for some legitimate rain showers through the afternoon.

Rain totals will be fairly low, but a rumble of thunder can’t be ruled out, especially as a broken line of showers moves through around midday. This line of showers — it’s a cold front!

Will it get colder?

Nope. The cold front will not bring in much cold air, but it will dry the air out. This will clear away the gloomy weather and bring in nice, sunny conditions on Sunday.

There is a chance that the clearing behind the cold front will reach us a bit early, which could result in some sunshine just before the sun sets on Saturday.

Sunday and beyond

We’ll see a return of the sun on Sunday, and this stretch of mostly sunny skies and comfortable temperatures will last through the start of the work week.


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