KSAT Weather: Warm on Wednesday; cooler and sunny by the end of the week

Cold front comes in Wednesday night

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SAN ANTONIO – Wednesday is going to be toasty, but a cold front on Wednesday night will bring the temperature back to near average as we round out the week.

Wednesday: Balmy and mostly cloudy

Wednesday will be yet another day without a visible sunrise. Clouds, drizzle and fog will keep the morning gray, with the temperature in the upper 60s. 

The day will progress as Tuesday did – a few breaks in the clouds after lunch. That will brighten the sky in a few areas, but overall, the forecast holds mostly cloudy skies on Wednesday.

The clouds won’t keep the temperature from rising, however. We’ll soar to near 80 degrees in the afternoon, and the humidity will stick around through the evening hours.

Wednesday night: Cold front

A cold front will move through Wednesday night, but it will be lacking one thing: cold air.

It will bring in some slightly cooler and drier conditions, however, with temperatures being near average through the end of the week.

Thursday: Cooler and sunnier

Temperatures will decrease to the low 70s on Thursday afternoon, but the dry air left in place behind the cold front will allow for some sunshine to make an appearance. 

There will also be a breeze in place for Thursday, which should help make it a rather pleasant day.


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