KSAT Weather: Sunny on Friday, but clouds are back Saturday and Sunday

No big rain chances in store for the weekend

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SAN ANTONIO – One more gorgeous day is on tap for Friday before the clouds roll in on Saturday. Sunday brings back a southeasterly breeze and the humidity. 

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Friday: A mix of clouds and sun

Thursday brought a beautiful day to South Texas, and Friday will nearly repeat. 

There will be a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day, but the morning should be clear of any fog or drizzle.

Temperatures will start in the 40s, but we’ll be near the 70-degree mark by the afternoon. Humidity will be low again making for another beautiful day.

Saturday: They’re back

The clouds and drizzle return by Saturday leaving us with a gray and gloomy day to start the weekend. 

There will also be a steady increase in humidity as temperatures rest in the 60s for most of the day.

Sunday’s forecast

Sunday is expected to be another mostly cloudy day with some morning drizzle possible. The steady return of humidity on Saturday will be in full force come Sunday – dew points will be back in the muggy range.

The temperature will make it to the mid-70s by afternoon, but this will shape up to be another less-than-ideal day for outdoor-lovers.


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