KSAT Weather: Sunny and warm to start the week

Temperatures pressing 90 degrees over the next few days

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SAN ANTONIO – Break out the sunglasses because we’ve got nothing but sun in the forecast through mid-week. As a result, temperatures will be hanging out near 90 degrees for the coming days.

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Sunday’s forecast

Sunshine is the dominant player Sunday, but the morning will be ever-so-slightly chilly. We’ll start the day in the 50s, but temperatures will rise quickly to the upper 80s by the afternoon. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sun!


Monday & Tuesday

Sunday won’t be the only day like this. Monday and Tuesday aim to continue the trend. Sunny skies with a few high, thin cirrus clouds will keep it feeling springlike. Ninety degrees will be fair game either day, but at least the humidity won’t be unbearably high. 

If you’re looking for a cool down, you’ll have to let it go. It’s almost summer.



What about rain chances?

Unfortunately, an upper level ridge of high pressure is influencing our weather, and high means dry. No rain is in the forecast through next weekend.

We’re still more than an inch below average on our annual rainfall, in spite of our recent rains. While San Antonio is not technically in drought right now, most of South Texas is in drought conditions. 

However, with the rainfall deficit, it won’t be long before we return to drought even in San Antonio unless we get some more rain soon.


Check out the latest satellite imaging tracking storms in the San Antonio area here:

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