KSAT Weather: Staying warm for the week ahead

Humidity returns mid-week

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SAN ANTONIO – If you need a week with no rain, you got it this week. We’ve got more sunshine and warmth ahead.

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Tuesday’s forecast

We’ve got more sun on the way for Tuesday, and temperatures will still be in the upper 80s by afternoon. Enjoy the last day of relatively low humidity, because we’re headed back to muggy air for mid-week.

Wednesday’s forecast

Humidity begins its return on Wednesday. But besides making it feel muggy, the only effect this will have on our weather is the addition of some extra morning clouds. These clouds will burn away quickly, leaving us with sunshine and temperatures in the 80s for the afternoon.

Thursday and Friday

If Wednesday sounds like a repeat of Tuesday, guess what? Thursday and Friday won’t be breaking the trend. More sunny and warm conditions will leave it feeling springlike through the end of the week.

Hurricane Preparedness Week Fast Facts: Hurricane Naming

In honor of Hurricane Preparedness Week, we’ve got some quick facts about hurricanes. Today, it’s all about names.

Hurricanes started being formally named in 1953. They are named in order to more clearly communicate the attributes and threats of a specific hurricane.

A list of names exists for each year, and the list goes through the entire alphabet skipping the letters, Q, U, X, Y, and Z. There are six lists of names that are rotated every six years. The only way to remove a name from the list is to retire it. Retirement of a name occurs if the storm is deemed too severe to use the name again.

What happens if we have so many storms that we use up all the names on the list? If we go all the way from A to W, we switch to the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc. This happened back in 2005 when we went six names into the Greek alphabet.

This year, the first name on the list is Alberto.


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