KSAT Weather: Memorial Day weekend forecast brings lots of sunshine

Alberto churns in the Gulf


SAN ANTONIO – The heat will not be ending anytime soon in South Texas, in fact, it will only be getting hotter. Unfortunately, the first storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, Alberto, will not bring us any beneficial rain.

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Saturday: Morning clouds

High pressure is building and intensifying over Texas, meaning that the atmosphere contains a lot of sinking air. This sinking air will suppress most of the cloud development, so mostly sunny skies will rule our Saturday.

As with the past number of days, we’ll inch a little closer to 100 degrees with a high in the upper 90s. Make sure to provide shade and lots of water for all your outdoor activities this weekend. Also remember your pets. They don’t like the heat any more than we do.

The rest of the holiday weekend

Not much changes all the way through Memorial Day. We’ll be in for lots of sunshine and hot temperatures. Between Sunday and Monday, San Antonio is likely to hit the 100-degree mark. Stay cool!

Next week

It would be nice to think that the forecast gets better next week, but the heat will continue to intensify with highs in the low 100s.

Tropical trouble

The first storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, named Alberto, has formed and is located in the Gulf of Mexico directly between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula. The storm will lift to the north, and the only impacts will be over the Southeastern U.S. The western Gulf, including Texas, will not be receiving any impacts.

If you have Memorial Day plans between Louisiana and Florida, you likely want to find some good indoor activities. Alberto will keep things very soggy all the way through the Memorial Day weekend. The storm is not even expected to make landfall until at least Monday.


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