Coastal Texas community bracing for 2018 hurricane season, taking precautions for future storms

FULTON, Texas – As we enter a new hurricane season, some Texas coastal communities are still trying to erase signs of the last one.

Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst after learning firsthand what a Category 4 hurricane can do.

 "Our community couldn't take another hit. It would be pretty tough on it," Kendrick said. "(Hurricane) Harvey came and sat on us for 11 and a half hours and beat us to death."

Kendrick has been so focused on helping to rebuild his community, he hasn't even had time to work on his own house.

The back of Kendrick's home is still gutted. He's been forced to move into his living room, but said his losses don't compare to those of some of the other Harvey victims.

"At that point, we realized that we had lost everything — all of our vehicles, equipment, house,” said Robert Mitchell, a Hurricane Harvey survivor.

Mitchell and his wife are now living in a trailer because the house they once had is still reduced to a foundation.

The Mitchells almost didn’t survive the storm.

"The house was already floating away," Mitchell said. "It was like whitewater rapids for 45 minutes. We just sat there and watched everything we own go out the front door."

The Mitchells stayed around during Hurricane Harvey because they had several pets, but next time, they will heed the warning signs. After all they've been through, the hope is that there won’t ever be a next time.

"When we say we're doing a mandatory evacuation, we're not just saying it to say it. We're asking for people to leave so we can save lives," Kendrick said.

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