Chill out. Despite Almanac report, it's too soon to accurately forecast winter

KSAT meteorologist Sarah Spivey debunks report


SAN ANTONIO – Despite a recent report from the Farmer's Almanac predicting a "teeth-chattering" winter filled with snow, KSAT meteorologist Sarah Spivey said there's no way to forecast that far out with accuracy.

Spivey said that while the Farmer's Almanac provides some reliable guesses and trends, the report shouldn't be taken as fact.

"There's simply no way to forecast three months out with accuracy," Spivey said. "Our technology just isn't there. The Farmer's Almanac is a guess without substantial evidence to back up its accuracy over the years."

Spivey said that their most reliable forecasts are limited to a three to seven-day span, "but we can't yet promise epic snow storms or a 90-degree Christmas."

The Farmer's Almanac reported that Texas would experience "stinging cold" and "average precipitation" this winter, leaving some Texans excited and others concerned.

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