Woman refuses to leave home during flood, rescued on jet ski

Water was about 15 feet high around her home

A woman was rescued from floodwaters on a jet ski in Wonewoc, Wisconsin, on Aug. 28, 2018. (Jamie Perez/WISC-TV)

JUNEAU COUNTY, Wis. – A woman was rescued by jet ski after refusing to evacuate her home during flash floods in Wonewoc, Wisconsin, WISC-TV reported.

She said she didn't think the flooding would get as bad as it is and had experienced floods before in 2008. She said in previous flood experiences, she had been asked to leave and she was fine staying in her home.

The floodwaters were about 15 feet high around her home and started to flood the first level of her home after flooding out her basement. She arrived safely on dry land, but said she left her cats inside her home.

Around 12 residents were evacuated the block. Authorities said most found relatives to stay with; shelter is provided for those who do not have an alternate place to stay during the floods.

Getting in and around Wonewac was difficult for many residents trying to flee the area as well. A large sinkhole barricaded a nearby highway, making the road completely impassable.

Traffic going toward the Wisconsin Dells from the Madison area was backed up for miles due to cars getting stuck in floodwaters and trying to evade flooded areas.

Many interstates and county roads were blocked off, trapping people on the roads and forcing some to stay in nearby gas stations with no power. 

Crews are monitoring the situation and will continue to provide updates on road closures and flood conditions.