UTSA student's acceptance letter survived in mailbox after Hurricane Harvey destroyed her home

Mailbox containing acceptance letter survived upright

SAN ANTONIO – Hurricane Harvey may have destroyed one student's home, but her acceptance letter to a local university somehow remained safely secured in the mailbox.

Kaylee Trevino took a picture with a "Future Road Runner" sign at her home that was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. 

She said everything was destroyed except the mailbox that stood upright and held the University of Texas at San Antonio letter.

"The hurricane part of Harvey blew the parts of our roof off and so the rain was coming down and coming up. So it met in the middle. And our ceiling collapsed to the floor," Trevino said.

A year after the hurricane destroyed her home in Conroe, Kaylee still remembers the story.

"We had about a six hour window when we called all our friends and family and moved out as much stuff that we could," Trevino said. 

They ended up going next door to a relative's home, but the water continued to rise.

"Her house 14-feet in the air and a foot of water still got into her house," Trevino said.

They were eventually rescued on a boat and relocated to temporary housing. A few weeks later they noticed the mailbox was the only thing that wasn't destroyed.

Trevino said while life is looking up she is remembering those who still need help.

"There's still so many people that are displaced and are not living in their homes yet," Trevino said.

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