5 things you need to know about SA's ozone levels

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio's ozone levels have dropped, but the city is still considered just short of the standard set by the Environmental Protection agency. 

What exactly does that mean? Here are five things you need to know:

  • The ozone isn't released by anything. It's created when emissions in the air mix with sunlight, especially on hot days without a breeze.

  • When ozone levels are high, it's hard on anyone with respiratory problems, such as children with asthma.

  • San Antonio’s ozone level is lower than it has been, but it’s still not low enough. It should be no higher than 70. The city’s three-year average is down to 72, so its non-attainment level is considered marginal by the EPA.

  • Vehicle emissions aren't as bad due in part to federal regulations. As one expert put it, that's helped our air quality tremendously, so now businesses and industry leaders are asked to voluntarily do more to protect the environment.

  • The higher the ozone level, the greater chance of costly federal regulations.

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