Trees fall on car during storm, nearly injuring young girl

Rachel Foster: 'It was a little crazy how it all happened'

SAN ANTONIO – The storm damage on San Antonio's northside on Thursday caught many residents by surprise, but for one mother enjoying an afternoon at the pool, her family's life flashed before her eyes. 

"It was a little crazy how it all happened," Rachel Foster said. "It started getting rainy, and I was like, 'OK, it is time to go.'"

Foster said in five minutes, things got crazy. 

"I turned my car on, and we saw all of the lightning and heard the thunder," Foster said. "Right when I put my car in reverse, I heard this loud crash on top of the car. Then I saw all of these trees falling all over my car." 

Foster's daughter was in the back seat when the unthinkable happened. 

"Next thing I know, another piece of the branch just flew through my back window," Foster said. "I hear a loud boom from my window exploding. My child started screaming because glass had exploded all over the back of her head, and there is this giant tree branch in my back seat."

Foster said she immediately went into survival mode. 

"I yanked her in the front seat, and at that point, trees were still flying all over the place," Foster said. "I wrapped a towel around her, and we tried driving out of the pool area." 

Foster said because the gates were jammed shut, it was difficult trying to get away from the falling trees, but she eventually made it out a gate that was jammed opened. 

"I drove blind, basically, because I couldn't see anything, it was raining so hard," Foster said. "Fortunately, I know my neighborhood. I would rather drive blind on the street where I can see cars coming than be surrounded by a bunch of trees falling on top of us where I couldn't see what was coming."

Foster said she tried to stay as calm as possible for her children. Afterward, she said being in that situation reminded her of a scene out of a movie. 

"It was like 'Final Destination,'" Foster said while laughing. "The tree flew through my window, and I was like, 'We are about to get impaled!' I just know next time to stay away from trees." 

Foster said she is thankful for her caring neighbors who checked on them to make sure they were OK. 

Although her Mercedes suffered about $40,000 in damage, Foster said she is happy that her family and her neighbors are safe.

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