CPS Energy prepares for heavy weather outages

Utility's facilities stock up on equipment

By Courtney Friedman - VJ, Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Big storms mean potentially big power outages. CPS Energy has spent days preparing for the heavy wind and rain headed toward Texas.

CPS officials at the East Side facility are lining up extras of every type of equipment.

“The majority of the outages you're going to see will result from overhead issues, whether its wires down, tree limbs falling on wires and poles. Unfortunately, sometimes there's accidents where poles are knocked over by vehicles,” said John Moreno, CPS Energy spokesperson. “This is a lot, but if this storm is as devastating as we think it's going to be, we're going to welcome the additional resources of supplies that we're going to get later this afternoon.”

Moreno said CPS will probably use the majority of its extra supplies during the storm.

“We've got more equipment coming in. This is not the only facility that looks like this. We've got three other facilities across the city,” he said.

During storms, a mobile support center is used for extended outages and mutual aid for other utilities. Customers can also use the center’s outlets for their phones and to get out of the heat. The center also has a television to keep an eye on the radar.

Moreno said he hopes the public will bear with the utility when the time comes.

“We can't start until limbs are removed from the area, so that has to do with whether we restore power in three hours or eight hours,” he said.

Employees are on call and are signing up for their shifts. During heavy storms, they work 16 hours and are off nine hours. On Friday morning, there will be a safety briefing and teams will be assigned.

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