KSAT Weather: Get ready for some gray, clouds are here to stay

Dreary weather drones on in San Antonio

By Cole Vaughn - Weather Intern

SAN ANTONIO - Imagine a world where everything is gray. That’s where we’re heading for the next few days. Clouds, drizzle, fog – the dreariness continues.

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Valentine’s Day forecast

At last check, the color gray was not on the list of Valentine’s Day colors, but we’re going to get a face full of it anyway.

Fog and drizzle, along with clouds, start our Valentine’s Day, and the cloudy skies will continue into the afternoon. A few lucky folks may squeeze out some sunshine, but be expecting another mostly gray day.

Temperatures will actually get into the 60s for the afternoon after a morning in the upper 40s.

Thursday's forecast

Thursday will be fairly similar to Wednesday, but afternoon temperatures will be in the low 70s.

Friday cold front

We’ll be waiting on a cold front during the day on Friday, which means temperatures will be dropping from the 60s early on to the 50s for the afternoon. 

However, this cold front won’t clear out the clouds. In fact, it will help produce more clouds and a chance for some rain over the weekend.


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