KSAT Weather: Slight chance of freezing drizzle in the Hill Country on Sunday

San Antonio will only see a cold rain

By Cole Vaughn - Weather Intern

SAN ANTONIO - A winter weather advisory has been issued for northern portions of the Hill Country. The advisory lasts until 6 p.m. Sunday evening. What does this mean? Here’s a breakdown:

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What kind of winter weather is this advisory for?

There is absolutely no chance for snow. There could be a little bit of freezing drizzle in the Hill Country, but chances are rather slim. For a refresher, freezing drizzle appears as ordinary drizzle falling, but it freezes to ice once it hits the surface. 

What kind of impacts should we expect?

The Hill Country is the only place that has a chance of freezing drizzle impacts. Even then, impacts will likely only be seen on bridges and overpasses. That’s where caution will need to be exercised.
The rest of South Texas, including the San Antonio metro, will only be dealing with the impact of regular drizzle.

When does the advisory expire?

The winter weather advisory expires at 6 p.m. on Sunday evening. The Hill Country will be below freezing on Sunday night which could refreeze any leftover wet spots on the road. But by mid-morning on Monday, all ice threats will be gone and the temperatures should be well above freezing.

Sunday’s forecast

In addition to the slight chance of freezing drizzle in the Hill Country, a deck of clouds will stay in place for most of the day, but some sun could start to break through by the afternoon. 

Some drizzle and light showers are possible throughout the day, and temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s from morning to evening. A cold, breezy, cloudy and damp day closes out the weekend.

A little sun on Monday

Monday may bring a little bit of sun during the afternoon, but overall, there will still be plenty of clouds.

Temperatures will start the day below freezing in the Hill Country and very near freezing in San Antonio but should warm up to the 50s by afternoon.


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