Tropics get active: Keep your eyes on Florence and the Gulf of Mexico this weekend

Tropical development will be possible in the Gulf this week

By Justin Horne - Weather Authority Meteorologist/Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Today marks the peak of hurricane season. Right on cue, the Atlantic has become busy.

Three hurricanes have developed, with another area of potential development in the Gulf of Mexico.


Here's what you need to know:

1) A disturbance in the Caribbean is forecast to move into the Gulf of Mexico by Wednesday. At that point, it'll have the potential to strengthen some. While the computer models are still at odds (and they'll struggle with the currently unorganized storm), this needs to be watched closely. This COULD have an impact on the Texas coast by the end of the week. Stay tuned.

2) Florence is forecast to strike the East Coast as a major hurricane Thursday into Friday. Flooding, storms surge, and powerful winds will all be big factors. Look for this to cause major problems from the Carolinas to Virginia.

3) Isaac is forecast to move into the Caribbean and weaken by the weekend. It'll still need to be watched, though.

4) Hurricane Helene appears to be a non-factor.

The KSAT weather team will be monitoring the tropics and potential rainfall closely in the coming days.  Stay tuned for any updates. 


Check out the latest satellite imaging tracking storms in the San Antonio area here:

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