There's a real, Harry Potter-themed school of witchcraft, wizardry in Texas


KILLEEN, Texas – Missed your Hogwarts acceptance letter? No worries. 

The Worthwich School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is hosting a Harry Potter-themed "magical retreat" in Killeen, Texas for adults only.

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According to the Worthwich website, newcomers will be sorted into one of four houses.

All students will get to participate in courses such as potions, charms, defensive magic, divinations, herbology, history of magic, flying lessons and wand making.

Houses will compete in "our favorite flying sport," (presumably Quiddich) and attend nightly screenings of "magical moving pictures."

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The all-inclusive retreat will be held in Killeen on Oct. 27-29

Tickets start at $400 and can be purchased online here.

The group also hosts various events across Texas including wand making and trivia.