Yo! Celebrate National Yo-Yo day with these impressive tricks

Photo by Tomas Castelazo
Photo by Tomas Castelazo

Believe it or not, June 6, 2019, marks 75 years of celebrating the classic toy, the yo-yo.

While yo-yos have been around as early as 500 B.C., the modernization of the toy has brought in a plethora of tricks you probably haven't tried since you were 11 years old. Anyone else remember trying to walk the dog?

Now, we don't expect you to be able to swing a yo-yo around with a choreographed routine like this guy below, but we bet with some practice, you could learn some of the easier moves. 

We will start with something nice and easy. Try and learn how to "rock the baby." 

How about "walking the dog?" 

Now that we have some of the basics down, let's try and step it up just a bit. 

Can you figure out this trick?

OK, this one might be a little bit more difficult. 

Now take your tricks to Paris. 

And now that you're basically a pro, since you've master all these tricks, try adding in a second yo-yo for bonus points! 

Want to get in on the fun? Check out these nifty yo-yos with our Yo Yo starter's kit.

 Happy yo-yoing! 

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