Alamo City hosts annual tattoo convention

SAN ANTONIO – Artist from all over the country are in San Antonio this weekend showing off their talent, but they don't use a brush on a canvas. Instead, they use needles and the human body.

The tattoo artists are in town for the 11th annual Alamo City Tattoo Show.

The show has grown over the years, organizers say, mostly because the number of artists who have perfected their craft has grown and the number of people seeking to get a tattoo is on the rise.

"Everybody is getting them now. You might walk down the walkway and see somebody you might not expect to see with a tattoo," said John Perez, an artist with more that 20 years' experience. "Everybody has them. It has become a very mainstream form of expression."

Jan Ragon is getting a tattoo of his mom's favorite flowers from Perez.

Ragon said his mom is not a big fan of tattoos, so maybe the flowers will soften the blow

"She is probably going to hit me but she'll be fine," Ragon said.

The convention concludes Sunday at 8 p.m. at the Grand Hyatt downtown.

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