Border Patrol seizes $4.5 million in drugs

Agents find cocaine, pot, liquid meth found

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EDINBURG, Texas – Border Patrol agents along the Rio Grande River seized more than $4 million in drugs last week.
The agents found drugs in nine different bust, the agency said.

Rio Grande Valley sector agents seized nearly 90 pounds of cocaine with an estimated value of over $2.7 million, over 1,700 pounds of marijuana with an estimated value of over $1.3 million and 17 pounds of liquid methamphetamine with an estimated value of over $500,000.

“The commitment of our agents to keeping our country safe is evident as they work tirelessly to prevent narcotics from reaching their intended destination in the United States,” said Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, Jr.  

The seizures were results of Border Patrol operations along the river and at Border Patrol checkpoints.