Woman gives shirt off her back to save koala caught in bush fire

LONG FLAT, Australia – A woman gave the shirt off her back to save a singed koala from one of the bush fires that’s currently ravaging eastern Australia.

The wailing koala can be seen crossing a road, seemingly stuck in the flames, until the woman rushes in and uses her shirt to grab the marsupial.

Hundreds of koalas feared dead in Australian wildfires

She washes off some of the koala’s burns and gives the animal water before getting a car and taking the koala to a nearby hospital that specializes in treating koalas, according to CNN.

A report from the New York Post said the koala is in good condition following the rescue.

Koalas are listed as vulnerable, according to Australia’s Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

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An estimated 350 koalas have been killed as a result of more than 80 bush fires that are burning in Australia, CNN reported.

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