Breathe freely with balloon sinuplasty

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SAN ANTONIO – Are you having trouble breathing clearly during this colder weather?

Relief is on the way!

American Sinus Institute offers balloon sinuplasty to help you breathe freely.

What is balloon sinuplasty?

"It's a safe and effective procedure. We take a balloon and insert it into the door of the sinus, and we widen the door," said Katrina Zedan, PA-C. "It's about a 20-minute procedure done in the office."

If you are dealing with sinus pressure, headaches and pain and have tried over the counter antibiotics, balloon sinuplasty is an ideal solution if qualified.

"I even had this procedure done," Zedan said. "I am breathing so much better. When you're breathing better you're functioning better and sleeping better."

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Information courtesy of American Sinus Institute.

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