Little Maddie's Story: Charitable works of Fiesta help make life-saving work possible

Texas Cavaliers to donate $500K to Children's Hospital of San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – It was during her 4-month check-up when little Maddie's doctor noticed her weight wasn't what it should have been. 

Her doctor would discover something was wrong with her heart.

"You go to a check-up thinking, 'Oh, she's just going to get shots and you heard that,'" said Maddie's mother, Holly Kruse, as she fought back tears. 

Maddie was immediately taken to the Children's Hospital of San Antonio, where she would undergo heart surgery. 

"Then finally when they say, 'OK its time,' and you're taking that walk down the hallway with her and she's still just happy and looking around and laughing," Maddie's father, Keith Kruse, recalled. "And then those doors close and we had to go sit in the lobby for almost 10 hours."

Maddie and her parents would stay at the Children's Hospital for two weeks. 

The surgery to repair the hole in her heart and other problems doctors discovered was a success. 

"It's amazing to think about those people who gave her another life to live," said Holly Kruse. "It's a blessing to have somebody who can do that for your child."

The Children's Hospital is a nonprofit hospital that never turns away a sick child. 

"Every child that needs help, we will help," said Dr. Mark Gilger, Pediatrician in Chief. 

Gilger said it's philanthropy like that of the Texas Cavaliers that makes the life-saving work of the hospital possible. 

"San Antonio is a major city. This is not a minor league city, this is a major league city. And it should have major league operations," Gilger said. "It should be able to take care of its population and should most definitely be able to take care of its babies.

"I have been very impressed with the giving in this city. This city recognizes need and then responds," Gilger said. 

Little Maddie is now thriving and her family is forever thankful for the team who cared for their daughter.

"She's a fighter, I can tell you that much," Keith Kruse said. "She's our little miracle baby, that's for sure."

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