Woman rolls car and runs from scene with children

Witnesses say woman, kids jumped in another car and fled

A woman abandons her car after a rollover and then jumps into another car with her children.

SAN ANTONIO – A woman rolled a car and then ran, all with two children at her side.

Police said the woman crashed the speeding car around 10:30 p.m. Saturday in the 700 block of Alexander Hamilton.

Witnesses said she hit water in the road and flipped the car into the front yard of a house.

The witnesses told police they saw the woman and two children get out of the car, and then get into another car that was following them.

Police are now searching for that car and the woman.

Meanwhile, the homeowners have been left to clean up the mess leftover by the accident.

"We were just shocked that they just took off," said Robert Cedillo, a homeowner that witnessed the crash. "They didn't even care about the car or an ambulance, I guess the kids were okay if nobody came to assist them like as far as medical. Glad they're okay glad, nothing happened to them, but like I said I don't know why they just took off."

There several items of debris with names and addresses on them, so police may be using that information to track down the woman.

It's not clear if the woman will face any charges if police find her.