SAPD uses stun gun on man carrying rifle

Incident captured on video with cellphone raises debate

Cellphone video of San Antonio police officers using a stun gun on a man carrying a rifle through his Northwest Side neighborhood is causing a big debate.

Henry Vichique, 19, was walking home and doing nothing wrong when he was stopped by SAPD officers, according to John Valchar, a member of the Open Carry Texas organization.

"We don't think anybody's right should be violated like they were and it's kind of a shame that our police force that is there to protect us would do something like this when he's not breaking any law," said Valchar.

San Antonio police Chief William McManus said Vichique was breaking a city ordinance by having the weapon loaded.

"If they're questioned by the police in an investigation to determine whether the weapon was loaded or not, they need to comply. As a lawful command or not, they need to comply," said McManus.

Valchar said Open Carry Texas prides itself on educating the public on gun rights. He said he doesn't believe Vichique did anything wrong.

"They are charging him with City Ordinance 26-11, (which) I believe (prohibits) firearms in the city limits, but there's a Texas local law ordinance that states that the municipalities can not make up a law regarding firearms," said Valchar.

McManus said he stands by his officers and the city ordinance.

"In today's world, given all the active shooter situations we've had across the county, people become afraid when they see a person carrying a weapon down the street, especially at night. You know, they don't know what the intention of that person is," said McManus.

Open Carry Texas will hold a rally at the West Substation on Sunday at 1 p.m. in support of Vichique.

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