BAMC launches first-of-its-kind virtual medical center

Technology already being used in Puerto Rico

SAN ANTONIO – Brooke Army Medical Center celebrated Thursday the launch of its first virtual medical center.

The military medical hospital was selected to be the Army’s first virtual medical center last year, and on Thursday morning, a ceremony was held for its grand opening.

The hope is that it will be more convenient, save money and will help more patients.

Health care specialists from the hospital demonstrated how the mobile medic backpacks will work and how they communicate with a provider online using a computer.

“The bag that we use is a telehealth in a bag kit or THIAB and the cameras inside of it are the TotalExam 3-kit from GlobalMed,” specialist Joshua Rath said. “The goal is to use it at a deployed environment for readiness.”

Not only will backpacks be used, but stations will also be utilized at different centers.

Specialists have already used the equipment to help the residents of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.