Here's why you can't find that Google app that matches your face to famous paintings

Google face-match app not available in Texas, Illinois

Lulu Miller Twitter
Lulu Miller Twitter

SAN ANTONIO – You’ve probably heard about the new Google Arts & Culture app that matches your face to a historical painting.

You may have even downloaded the app to find out who your museum painting doppelganger is.

If you’re in Texas and you couldn’t figure out where the face-match tool is, there’s a reason.

Texas has laws that restrict how facial recognition technology can be collected and used.

Illinois has similar laws and is the only other state in which the Google Arts & Culture face-matching app doesn’t work.

"The company declined to say how it knows which users are in Texas and Illinois. But some apps can restrict content based on a user's IP address,” CNN reported.

A user's Internet Protocol address is a numeric designation that identifies the user's location on the internet.

See tweets below from people who’ve tried the face-mapping software:

Or if you’re in Texas: 

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