Geekdom's state of the ecocsystem shows continued job creation, growth in 2018

Coworking space company plans to hire 370 in 2019

SAN ANTONIO – Geekdom, a coworking space in downtown San Antonio, released new numbers Tuesday about its growth in 2018 and plans for the future. 

Geekdom CEO David Garcia released the impact report numbers for 2018 at the Geekdom Event Centre. 

"We are going to hire a lot more people. Over 370 people projected to hire for 2019," said Garcia. He also said the jobs are projected by the Geekdom community companies.

Following is the latest Geekdom Impact Report:  

  • Geekdom community companies have created 1,011 jobs since 2011.
  • Of the available tech jobs from community companies, 39 percent were filled by Geekdom members.
  • Seventy-two percent of the new positions created do not require a formal college degree.
  • The Geekdom community companies project 376 future jobs in 2019.
  • Geekdom community companies pay a median salary of $60,000.
  • Geekdom community companies have raised $97.8 million since 2011.
  • Geekdom community companies generated $32.9 million in combined projected revenue in 2018.
  • The Geekdom Fund allocated $120,000 to Geekdom community companies in 2018.
  • Geekdom community companies have filed 19 patents since 2011.
  • Seven Geekdom community companies have been acquired since 2011.
  • Geekdom community companies made three acquisitions in 2018.

Alberto Pina, the co-founder and CEO of Braustin Mobile Homes, said Geekdom played a huge role in his company's success. 

"Geekdom has become a formative part of creating our company, and using our virtual tours and using the mobile app from people who came here from Geekdom," Pina said. 

Braustin Mobile Homes started at Geekdom two years ago and plans to hire more people this year. 

"Our plan for the end of this year is to double up from seven people to 14 at the end of the year," Pina said. 

Garcia said Geekdom last year had more than 500 startup companies in the downtown San Antonio Ecosystem. 

In 2018, Geekdom community companies generated $32.9 million in combined projected revenue.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday at the Rand Building, for its new basement facilities, is more proof that Geekdom continues to grow, Garcia said.
The basement will be used for a podcast studio, the district program and a partnership with USAA's Military Corner in which service members can get involved and host events.

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