VIDEO: Port Aransas ferry evacuated as tanker sounds danger signal

Cellphone footage shows large ship narrowly missing ferry landing

Courtesy: Robert Caughron/Facebook
Courtesy: Robert Caughron/Facebook

PORT ARANSAS, Texas – Passengers who were boarding onto a Port Aransas ferry were quickly evacuated Monday morning as an oncoming large ship sounded its danger horn.

"At approximately 9 a.m., an inbound LNG vessel sounded its danger signal," Rickey Dailey, with the Texas Department of Transportation, told KRIS 6 news in Corpus Christi. "The captain and crew of the ferry evacuated people on foot."

Witnesses told KRIS 6 news that the tanker was traveling through the Port Aransas jetties when it had difficulty making a complete turn, causing it to get too close to the ferry landing on the Port Aransas side.

Cellphone footage obtained by KRIS 6 news starts with the tanker sounding its horn. Moments later, passengers are seen evacuating as the tanker passes the ferry landing.

The incident comes on the day when residents will be able to voice their concerns about the crude oil export terminal and storage facility project that will be constructed on Harbor Island.

In May, residents told KRIS 6 news that the project will not only affect the environment but also their crash crop: tourism.

The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Port Aransas Civic Center.

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